Dog Friendly Hotel/Motels

Hi All,
It would appear that I will have the privilege of visiting Rupert, Terrace, McKenzie, and several other places that just are NOT the big city, and thats all great with me. I will have a couple of great four pawed friends (my traveling companions and wonderful buddies) with me. This begs the question of where will I find accommodation that will welcome my four legged friends? They are well mannered, friendly, and house broken. They also bark/growl at any noise (remarkable watchdogs).

Have any of you suggestions for accommodations that are dog friendly? I would far prefer a Motel over Hotel as its simply out the door with a baggy in hand when nature calls. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

to me most of the hotel’s take them I know we do but we are a me I think the only place in Rupert that you can’t is the Crest. I may be wrong, I am sure someone on here will answer that one. you better hurry thou the sun only lasts a  few days here

If they’re pit bulls or rotties, we’ll PAY YOU to stay at the Zoo Hotel and let them wander the halls…  :imp:

The Parkside is probably the only actual Motel that allows dogs that will give you your own outside door… the rest would be hotels.  The Neptune Motor Inn, The Inn On The Harbour, and the Totem Lodge all allow dogs, as long as they are leashed when in the hallways or lobby.

the Coast Prince Rupert Hotel across the street from timmies
allows pets too…

Does barking and growling at any noise making them good watchdogs or just paranoid?  I’m not sure how other guests at the place you would be staying would appreciate that.

The Crest will accept pets - however I am uncertain if they have a size restriction.  When our basement flooded we stayed there for a couple of nights with our dogs - I think it was a $10 fee for each dog, but it is a hotel - so down the hall and out the door for potty breaks.  Our dogs are small - 14lbs and 11lbs - so maybe check with the hotel before booking to see if there are any size restrictions.  I do know there are only certain rooms that they allow pets in, and I am pretty sure they are on the first floor only.

The Crest does accept pets, and it is a $10 fee per pet.  They restrict pets to the first floor rooms.  I don’t believe there are size restrictions.

The dogs in question are miniature American Eskimos also known as German Spitz prior to 1913. If you scroll down to the second picture on that site those two were dead ringers for mine about 5 years ago. They now weigh just over 30 pounds each.

As for the barking the breed is know to be a very astute watch dog and they are always listening for any strange noise of something ‘encroaching on our turf’. They do seen to be far less prone to barking when we are out camping in the trailer so I believe they will relax a bit in a motel room as well.

Thanks for your replies and it looks like the Parkside motel will be my stop in Rupert.

BTW I avoid any hotel with the ‘ZOO’ descriptor attached to it.  :wink:


Everyone should avoid the Zoo.

I don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding a place to stay with your dogs. Any of the major hotels in town (The Crest, The Coast, the Inn on the Harbour, the Pacific) will accept pets–though some of the hotels will charge a small fee, and there may be restrictions as to where you can stay.

Aleeda Motel
(they do allow dogs, the breed you have are allowed) however, they are on their summer rates now and it may cost extra and you won’t be restricted to one floor or the other (There are two floors hehe) the Aleeda is right across the street from Pacific Inn

My mom works there lol

Before the ownership change the Rupert Hotel was dog friendly. The manager had a gorgeous sheep dog. Got the dog’s business card at home.

Inexpensive would be the OV, at a guess. The OV, Highliner and Rupert Hotel are near large open spaces, and near access to the waterfront, though not an official access. I use it all the time for my dogs.

The Inn on the Harbor has two rooms designated for pets.

I wonder if they call it the dog house?



When we made the drive from DC to Denver in February, we asked the same question and were told that almost all Holiday Inns allowed dogs. It worked for us; we stayed in Holiday Inns both nights of our trip, and they were very accomodating of two dogs, one large and one small. Both hotels we stayed in were pretty nice and comfortable, so we had no complaints.

I am not affiliated with HI hotels in any way.