Dog Day Afternoon

  Do you have any stories you would like to share about your pet… any funny things they might have done… please share them … it will be fun to read about your pet…

My girl dog likes to walk around with her “cape” on, a small, tiger-striped blanket she has had since she was a small pup. Her brother likes to think he can get treats when we are eating (he’s so tall he can check out everyone’s plate easily) but since we don’t want him begging, one of us usually tells him to go and lay down. Well, one night he had us laughing till we cried because he came into the dining area and hid his head underneath a blanket laying on one of the chairs but wagged his tail like crazy…we think he figured he was hiding!! Sorry but you cannot hide a 90 pound dog that easily!!

Our cats are kind of fun too. One of them thinks he owns my daughter (he’s been guarding her since she was a tiny baby in her crib) while one of the other cats thinks she is a dog and is very disappointed not to go out for walks with the dogs. She’ll even grab the occasional rawhide treat and chew on it, just trying to fit in I suppose.

When we lived in Ontario, we had our Newfie X, big, beautiful and very playful!  Our next door neighbours were out in their backyard one sunny, hot afternoon with their kids when we heard this squealing coming from their yard.  We were called over to please come and see what was going on.  Well, there was our giant “pup” splayed out in the kids little 12" deep pool in all his glory with the poor kids standing on the outside crying that they could not get in.  We laughed our asses off, got pooch out of the pool and bought him one of his own, complete with a little fountain.  He even shared his with the neighbour kids !