Does V. Putin have it "in" for Prince Rupert?

That @##$%^ Russian!, first he takes their potash company out the world potash cartel which results in a huge drop in the price of potash and I suspect, nixes any potash depot in Prince Rupert. Now, he has signed a 30 year, $400 billion natural gas deal with the Chinese. Can you hear the gas hissing out of our balloon?

Does he even know we exist? … -frenemies

Damn, you figured it out…his intention all along was to fuck-over Prince Rupert.

Boo hoo. Crimea river.

You know who has it in for prince rupert? the vocal minority of moronic citizens. No LNG, No pipeline (i agree), no pellet terminal, no trains to the port, lawsuit after lawsuit with the city, lawsuits from the local bands over the port. Can you blame companies for looking at other options?