Does anyone know how to contact Oliver the mover?

I’m trying to move some stuff up from Vancouver and a friend of mine said he had used a guy named Oliver.  Apparently he’ll rent out cubed space in a truck.  I dont have that much stuff to move up so I dont need a whole truck.

We dont have Oliver’s phone number so I was just wondering if anyone on here knew it.


Hey there!  Olivers place of business is just across the road from Canfesco fish plant by Rushbrook on the corner…WestCan Cartage…Can’t miss it for all the white trucks and his # is 622-2667…Good Luck!

I only know Ricky the Shaker. Apparently, he used to hang out with Oliver the Mover. Without each other, they don’t have anywhere near the influence they once had.

thanks cody!!!

hi poolboy, I see what you did there. :smile:

great guy to have work for you honest as they get had him deliver for me several times and still do :smile:

I agree, Leroy and his brother Oliver are honest and reliable.

If you can’t get a reply quick they may be in transit Vanc. and back.  I have their cell, but they get their messages.

I had them move me up from the Shuswap.  I’d recommend them always.

Thanks everyone,

It seems Oliver isnt making another trip down here until mid June, which doesnt fit my schedule. 

Any other recommendations?

yellowhead movers. - 624-2211

  • I’ve used both companies Oliver my first move and Yellowhead my second.
    Next time I’m renting a uhaul and paying guys off the street. Same quality less money.