Does anyone in this town rent sea planes?

I haven’t flown in a while and i’d rather not fly that 150 in terrace so i was wondering if anyone knew if there were any float planes for rent around here.

I honestly have no idea. I would try asking one of the float plane outfits down in Seal Cove. I think that’s the only tie-up for float planes around here, so they would probably know.

honestly, i dont think you can, i work at north pacific seaplanes and we have never rented, and ive never seen anyone rent one from inland. those are the only 2 that i know of that could, sorry bud.

That’s kinda what i figured, i just wanted to see if anyone knew better

I asked a buddy of mine to look into it. He thinks there is a 150 on floats that a guy might rent out or something… but it didn’t sound very legit. If I find out, I’ll PM you details.