Does anybody know where seedler came about?

I read a lot of staff about them implying that sloneck (supernova founder) has builted the site. Is that true? The site looks nice and works much better than supernova did. I have been around in other forums asking about this and nobody has a clue. Can anyone give us a hint :smile: None the less the site rocks se we thank sloneck or any other elephant involved.

cheers :smiley:

For the newbies

i dont think so it might be some one who was involved with him, sloneck has been busy with exeem thats his baby, i have been a bata tester and im in the forums over there all the time.

i like that seedler… its nice and easy to find stuff. I’ve been using isohunt lately, and man is it ever hard to read stuff on there.

I knew seedler would make you a happy man or a woman :smiley: The thing is that nobody knows about it so its low profile and it will not be attacked by many. Still you guys keep it low!

The thing about torrents, is that they are just files that have a file attached to it… There will be no end to bit torrent in the near future. They can shut down the websites with links, after months of court sessions, and thats after the site has been discovered, and the complaints have been filed… It’s a large process to shutdown a website. There are always new sites being opened up at the same time though as well.

Dude, that thing is kick ass! Almost as cool as the twin gas turbine powered Firebird II.