Does anybody know how to turn off the deep freeze?

does anybody know how to turn off the deep freeze? thanks!

Let me guess, posting from school?

Ask Mig

Let me take a wild guess at it, move to Arizona? Not correct? Perhaps your question is more prophetical and that what you are really asking is how can we prevent another ice age. Hence your use of deep freeze is a metaphor for ice age. It’s not entirely an original metaphor, but it captures a basic understanding of what ice is, in an amateurish way. Ice is really just a deep freeze. Enough of being flippant.

Dinner and a movie? Perhaps some dancing? Tell her she looks great in that dress? Bring her flowers and chocolates?

In the smaller section where the ice cream is, there’s a big knob. Turn it to the left until it goes click.

Or you can use my patented line, "Does this rag smell like chlorophyll " Well, it’s really not patented, nor is it original. But I think it truly does capture the raw essence of my humor.

Question, you would think that if someone using a school computer is smart enough to know what deep freeze is, shouldn’t they know that Miguel won’t like it if you try to turn it off?

Wouldn’t that person also realize that this is Migs site?

I tell you, all you need is some dynamite.

I have one, you need to put your computer parts in the microwave and warm them up, that will get ride of deep freeze. : P

Does anyone know how many people we have NOT helped remove deep freeze?

i think its the same person making a ton of new accounts and asking for it.
lets kill this person by making them drink a bottle of bleach.

deep freeze eh… wt hells going on.

Thanks for the input there, bud.