Dod cd code

yeah i was wondering if someone would care to ether give or sell me a cd code for dod. Not the new one the old one.

You mean to play online? Or on a LAN?

I don’t have a key for you but, I think DOD for HL is free man… Do you have Half-Life? If they actually marketed DoD, I’m guessing it would cost less than DOD:Source, which was only $20USD…


My dad rather wants to get his hands on it

Any place in rupert to buy

Tell your dad we’ll soon be switching to Unreal Tournament 2004 and/or Call of Duty, so he’d better brush up on those instead.

UT2004 is a great game. My online buddies and I played the hell out of that game when it came out.


arg mig need dod .

I’m always up for some online UT2004, unless this is some sort of LAN arrangement.

Well, we may be retiring tuesday night DoD soon, in favour of tuesday night UT2004. Maybe in a weeks. You guys are more than welcome to come play when we are up and running. You can even bring your own machines :wink:

Actually meeting the people I play with? That has to be against the gamers code or something…


No man, being able to trash talk the guys on the other side of the room while coordinating with your team is great. And man, the shovel/knifing rocks when the person is in the same room as you. HUMILIATION!

LOL… hahah i just said lol

It’s a shame that in DOD there are no funds or rewards for your efforts. Killing snipers or MGers with a shovel should give you extra life or bullets! On a lot of CS servers these days, if you go in for the knife kill, you get to mug the guy and take his money, and of course “HUMILIATION.mp3” is blasted over the entire server so everyone knows who just got pwned with the melee attack.

DOD:Source is tons of fun. I don’t game much anymore, but since DOD:S was released last week, I’ve been getting an hour or more almost every evening… I wish my latency/internet wasn’t so messed up though. Having a list of only ~5 servers under 100ms is really a drag.

Eso, I might have to try that USR8011 router if it didn’t work out for you guys. Maybe it’s my stupid Linksys router that makes my latency so ugly. Though in Winfield I was behind this router and another before that, and then Mr.Js homemade router after that, none giving me problems like this… Sigh… Must be a Rupert thing.

I’ll play “get drunk” if I can bring my overclocked 24 pack?

Man, speaking of alcohol in my fridge there’s a 26er of Napolean Brandy. Man, that shit SUCKS.

…I want to get drunk.

Yeah, I just picked up a 15 shot of Bud…

I make sure that I’ll never get booted off of a small-town sports team, because I always bring beer.