Documents relating to Gord Howie's job as Municipal Manager North Van Dist


North Van isn’t so big that a project like Northlands would go un-noticed.

I appreciate your role as devil’s advocate. But I’m curious why are you so determined to refute, refuse, deny, and confuse an issue that should be resolved no matter the outcome? If some unholy alliances were formed with your hard-earned cash, don’t you want to know about it? Don’t you have an appetite for truth? Perhaps the tones of some of the posts are hostile, but we all deserve to know the facts.

Push the rhetoric aside, and I think you’ll agree that everyone has the city’s best interest at heart…even though I can’t stand it here and count the hours until I leave this deadend backwater swamp. I’ve actually told my lover that if I should have the misfortune to die here, I’m not to be burried here…anywhere but here.

Your Humble Obedient Servant,

Master Lao,