DNS Propogation

Sparky the Electrician subjected our mailserver to a big zap the other day. Started locking up and finally died this morning.
So we moved all the users to a new server and repointed our DNS about 3:30 this afternoon.
Within an hour Navigata had the new info. Google’s had it by 7:00 pm. Unfortunately 75% of our users are on our Telus fibre, the entire rest of the town is on Telus DSL and they don’t have it at 10:30.
!!! :confused:

What’s the TTL on your DNS record?  Caching DNS servers usually don’t hold records past the TTL.  That’s how the system works.

You can force opendns to refresh its cache, that usually helps others who use opendns.

Shaw does… Fucking bastards have cached shit for over 72 hrs makes me rage.

At least their connections arn’t slow as fuk like telus’s are. Installing DVR’s and accessing them from another computer, when the customers DVR is on telus, is sooooooo painfull!

Well Telus updated sometime last night.
So did Bell! Why shit the phone was blinking this morning, I finally got the text mssg my daughter sent from PG on May 2nd.

I’m going to Canada Day at the park, someone I see will surely whine about their email.
Did it cost YOU $500 in parts and 3 mandays in wages? Oh I’m SO SORRY that oh-so-fucking important email from your sister got delayed…"

Seriously, what’s the TTL on your DNS record?  I hear this complaint a lot from people, who have theirs set to 72 hours or 48 hours or whatever.

If it’s the domain I’m thinking about, it’s set to more than 10 hours, isn’t it?  So if you changed it at 3pm, and someone looked it up just before then, the DNS server can legitimately hold its cache until midnight or so.

If you’re going to change a DNS entry, or if you change them often, lower your TTL down to an hour or even less.  More work for your DNS servers, but less trouble overall.

Just look at them with a blank stair, and say “what email ?”

Someone bitched today about where’s their important email from xyz so I handed him the hard-drive.
The TTL on that one was set at 14400 it took Telus over twice that to update the mains pico and nano.
But…uhhh…dns2 is set to ‘default’. Might be my bad after all…