Disturbing no?


yes the word image sends chills though the bones.



Hmm, I posted the same post as hers, and now the image is shown, rather tha saying ‘Image’.

See also:


They both work for me. And that is what is important.



Hmm, I posted the same post as hers, and now the image is shown, rather tha saying ‘Image’.[/quote]

Yeah, not anymore.

Now I really want to know what it was.

[quote=“MiG”]See also:


Disturbing? somewhat This is definately disturbing: http://www.enddays.ws/darkness.html

Heh… People are weird.

I seem to live in the heart of God’s Land or something… The churches say stuff like, ‘Jesus is coming!’, or ‘Prepare for the rebirth of Jesus Christ’… Soooo bad.

Yeah…hmm…interesting. I use to be scared shitless of stuff like that because I come from a religious background, but…stuff like that happening? That is a bit hard to believe. (Watch me be, like, struck down by lighting after saying this.)

They’re coming to get you, Barbara!

When you board up the windows and draw the blinds, don’t forget to close the front door, Shaun.

I come from a religious background as well (obviously) and I was told about the end as a young child. Back then maybe it was the lack of awareness due to my age, but I didn’t think there was many signs. But now with the way some parts of the world is at war, the messed up climate, the murders, unexplained deaths, drugs being used my children, people mutating their own bodies (MJ) etc etc etc I believe this world is getting crazier by the year.

so…Im stocking up on holy water and non perishables :wink:

Does holy water cost even more than Perrier?

Wow, what kind of mutations can I expect if I use marijuana?

infinitely long, and infinitely complicated.

limit yourself to thinking the world is going to end…i bet yours will.

Life, the Universe and Everything Else.


When the world ends, I ain’t goin’!

Life will go on and on and on and on and on …

'Er, anyone else hungry?

What’s the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything Else?