Display Properties

I have a quick question if anyone know how to do this…

Someone farted around with my pals computer, and left a shit load of pictures in his display properties under (desktop).

Does anyone know how to elimate those files out of the background properties? :confused:

Best way is to run a Windows search and find the physical files location and delete it that way.

Yeah man, I assumed that would work too, but it still has the entries left in (display properties)…even though I removed the pic.

Maybe the registry?

If all else fails look for an archaic win.ini entry. fallback or something…

I believe windows makes a copy of the images somewhere… im not sure where though.

Thats why they should run a search on the filename. If Windows does copy it, you can delete it from wherever it copies it.

Seems to be a link or a short cut.

Anyone? This is kind of a good challenge for everyone.

I just tried it and deleting the source file removed it from the background menu.

Aha! Thanks mr c-file.

But the problem is, we don’t want those images gone. Maybe I will try to restore them into a diffeant place.

Thank for your help.


Oh, so you wanna keep the file and just not have it in background properties? If thats the case, just change the filename or move them. Windows usually isn’t smart enough to track them.

Good idea. I think I better take the shades off my kitty, it’s causing me alot of spelling mistakes.