Dirty men

I am a little perturbed,  both me and my partner have noticed older men “checking out” our 15 year old daughter. Is this the norm now a days?  Does anyone else see this with their daughters?? It is really disturbing. 

There is nothing “normal” about dirty old men - common maybe, but not normal. Very disturbing indeed.

As a mother of a 13 year old beauty - I felt all my hackles rise when I read your post.

The question for me, how do I respond without getting an assault charge?

I see it quite a bit.  I’m not sure how your daughter dresses but I think Lululemons should have a minimum age requirement. :smile:  It can be hard to tell a 15 year old and a 20 year old apart at times.

Have you guys seen what passes for pop culture these days?

No,  shes dresses well,  still dresses like a kid.  Big difference between 20 and 15.

I am a little perturbed,  both me and my partner have noticed older men “checking out” our 15 year old daughter. Is this the norm now a days?  Does anyone else see this with their daughters?? It is really disturbing. 

I hate to say it but I have been trying to warn parents of these young ladies for some time now about the older males for years. I see it I report it, I warn the girls as well as the teachers. They should be dealt with right on the spot. I have also mentioned the same age girls and younger who are working it. I know no one really cares to listen. [/quote]

Good thing is that she should be old enough to know a bad thing when she sees it.  Perhaps, if you already haven’t, you could talk to her about sexual predators and what to look out for.  Unfortunately there are alot of weirdos out there and although most of them probably keep their hands to themselves she should be equipped with the knowledge to protect herself from those who don’t.

Now there’s a bad idea. Not only will she find it terribly awkward, but I’m sure she’s not a complete moron. I think she’s aware of ‘predators’.

Right, and every 15 year old out there is so well versed on what a predator is, and that’s why there are NEVER 15 year olds who are taken advantage of by older men. :unamused:

Talking to her is probably the best thing you can do.  Good luck.

Do not shy away from communicating with her in your own way and she is comfortable and your partner. That door of communication is so very important, believe me.

We don’t really worry about her,  she is a very smart street wise girl.  It is just sick how this happens.

I’m confused… are you a woman who blossomed early, or a man who’s glad that he’s not her father?

Eat the assault charge…its worth it.  Hey Tony did it!

Im sorry…
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I am a woman - I use the quote as if it’s from her father because fathers are more likely to want to kick the ass of any boys/men ogling their young daughters - I apologize for the confusion.

Done for you - but be sure to keep your quoted post on here so that my “inappropriate post” isn’t actually removed. 

It’s hardly inappropriate IMO however - her photos are all over the internet because she is a model.  She is now 16, lives in NYC with her 23 year old boyfriend - and yes, I did ask her if she was alright with posting the photos - which she was - but I’ll save the mods the trouble of removing it - done like dinner.

Interesting thread.  My daughter is 14 and I worry about weirdos as well.  I communicate regularly with my daughter about predators on the street and on-line.

I don’t have a daughter that age, but I am definitely aware of the 14-16 year old girls involved with the older men.

for example - I have a 16 year old friend and she’s dating a 35 year old.

like ew

I wonder if it is now the norm ( sarcasm here) to have younger girls date older men? A 35 year old can only have one thing on his mind dating a 16 year old … what do the parents think ( if they even know) I am getting nervous hitting the teen years with my kids. I talk so much I think they just don’t listen … but I am glad that we can at least talk openly about things. Not so when I was growing up.

Well here we go again the story or the horrors of raising your child in the rinse, this thing with dirty old men or even middle aged men should be addressed and either by kicking shit out of one to give an example or speaking with the RCMP in charge. I have brought this issue to the news and whatever ear will allow me but it is like no one wishes to listen, I will say that things will only get worse if we do not act now. There are girls who are younger but the are being put out to work by their so called older boyfriend. There are girls in this town who are recruiting these young girls for the street trade. Starty listening to be for once and get to know your area.