Digital SLR

I finally bought a digital SLR.  Pentax K100D Super.  Last years model but great price (400$ with 18-55 lens).  Not the top of the line but this camera will be used by myself but also a couple of teen/kid with an interest in photography so why buy a 2000$ item?
I also have old lenses that are optically compatible with it from my old Pentax Program Plus (1987!)
Anyway,  some advice would be good:

Memory?  2 G, 4 G,  8 G?
Batteries?  NiMh sony rechargeable?  Some spare AA to go with it?

Things to try first? 


It should support SDHC cards, which are dirt cheap these days.  Go for 8 or 16 gig, and use RAW mode all the time.  If you have a Costco nearby, that’s a cheap place for memory.

Batteries:  search ebay for the model number.  You’ll get them really cheap from Hong Kong or Shanghai.  Instead of paying $100 or so, you’ll end up paying about $5 per battery.

If there’s a fast 50mm lens available for it, that should be your first lens purchase.  They’re usually very cheap (about $100 or so, and usually f/1.8 or around there, so great for indoor photography without a flash).

model number of the sony batteries?

Yeah, I think they’re “CR-V3”  so search ebay for CR-V3 or CRV3, and you’ll find they’re going for about $5 or so (plus shipping) from Hong Kong or Shanghai.

They’re a standard battery pack, though, so you may even find them cheap at Wal-Mart or Costco. 

There’s a really nice F/1.4 50mm lens for your camera that goes for about $200 Canadian. 

Sony = bad.  After their first root kit issue I stopped buying anything made by Sony.  After their second root kit issue I threw away anything I had that was Sony (just the DVD player) as well as not buying anything made by them.  They just pulled that crap again and finally other consumers are voting by not buying their products.

It’s probably pretty safe to get their batteries, and it’s not like their products are all of a sudden ‘crap’ either - I simply refuse to support a company that pulls shit like that.

Ok, nice big tangent there - sorry about that - enjoy your new toy!

Remember all those laptop battery recalls?  Apple, IBM, Dell, etc?  They were all Sony batteries.

So yeah, even their batteries don’t have a great track record.  But who says you need to buy Sony brand?  Like I said, I’ve bought about 7 or 8 batteries on eBay, for Canon and Panasonic camera.  Usually no-name brand stuff.

The CR-V3 are not rechargeable aren’t they? 

Some are, some aren’t.  It’s basically a format, like AA or AAA.  (I think it takes the place of two AAs).  So you can get rechargeable and non-rechargeable CR-V3s.


I sell recharable CR-V3 batteries at Shuttershack.

My wife shoots a Pentax  ist DS. In order to use SDHC cards she had to install a firmware upgrade and it only lets her use up to 2 gig up from the one gig she could use. the K series was higher end and may allow SDHC but you might want to check the  manual.

Mig is right though about getting as big a card as you can afford. Once you go to a DSLR you’ll take way more photos.

My wife finds she gets way more photos with the CR-V3 compared to AA’s so stick with the Cr-V3.

One more thing. Buy as good a tripod as you can afford as well. Cheap ones just aren’t sturdy enough for anything long exposure. Consider a Manfroto tripod.

For sure - I am already well known (I think) for going off on tangents in certain topics. :wink:

And I agree with photoguy about the tripod - I did the same shortly after I got my Digital SLR (Canon Rebel).  I got my zoom lens (Canon 75-300 USM), my backpack and my tripod in the same trip.  I opted for the Manfrotto 190CLB with the 486rc2 ball head.  The dude in the photo store where I bought it said that the ball head was good for beginners, it gives lots of flexibility - but I’ve never used another tripod/head so I don’t really know how it compares, but I love mine.  Not my photo, but this is what it looks like: (I’m not even sure if you can get it anymore)

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I think that’s the same head I use as well. Good solid head.
I started off wasting money buying a cheap tripod never used it hardly. Finally bought a good one and am so glad I did.

Camera Porn.
This is my current gear.

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ans some more

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and a final shot

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