Digital, Satellite or Cable?

My TiVo is almost 10 years old.  I retired it a couple of weeks ago.  Still works just fine, but I find that I’m using AppleTV more and more.  I really can’t handle watching “live” TV unless it’s the news or soccer :wink:

Hi ThePodunkian and MiG,

Yeah, my Dad down in Delta has one, they are amazing units.  I’m looking forward to our unit arriving.  I finally got sick of VHS tapes.  The PVR that I’m getting apparently allows you to pause and replay live TV.  A new toy.  8-)
It was the price that encouraged me to get it ($499 seems like a good price to me).

We’ve had ours for about a month - got it at Teddy’s for the same price as advertised online…loving it!  Shaw replaced our old dish at no charge, we just had to pay for the additional line for the HD.  It’s so easy to record a program all of a sudden or on a timer.  Lots of storage to record hours and hours of programming.  The pause and replay are awesome!

We had considered it as our Christmas gift last year but $699 was just too much, so the sale/new price was definitely a deciding factor for us too!  Plus, caller ID on the TV, channel and time the receiver are all extra conveniences.  We are so spoiled.  :smiley:

$499 and $699?  Both of those prices seem a little expensive.

The price for the PVR from Shaw has been marked down from $699 to $499.  It does what I want.  But, yeah, $499 is still expensive.  Probably in a year or two it’ll be less expensive.

my TiVo was like $100 on ebay a long time ago.  I upgraded the hard drive on it. 

Thank-You Everyone for your help  :smiley:
I went to City West yesterday and got basic prices and today I am going to Teddy’s to do the same.  I am leaning towards Satellite but will be making a choice today.  Thanks for everyones input…it was A LOT of help  :smiley:

I’ve had Persona Digital Cable connected for a couple of says now, and it really kinda sucks. For the average person who just wants to watch TV, it’s more than good enough. For HD content and users who like to be able to play with and change the settings of the system, it is horrible. The interface and guide are in jaggy 480i, which is scaled down to 4:3 all the time. The buttons on the remote are tiny, and hard to navigate. HD stuff looks like they full-screened the 480i signal and added a sharpening filter. It doesn’t compare to Starchoice or Expressvu, as far as quality and functionality goes, but it is very very inexpensive, and comes with 15Mb cable internet, which is fantastic.

Not the same service as you have available, but digital cable anywhere is probably comparable.

My PVR from Star Choice (Shaw) showed up yesterday; Teddy’s will be setting it up on Saturday. I’ll report on how it works.