Digital Camera broken

I bought a kodak c330 from shutter shack last christmas,

The preview screen is completely messed up now, one side black and the other side
has little colored lines.  It still takes pictures.

What do I do, is this under warrenty?

I would contact shutter shack and see if you have a warranty, bring your proof of purchase with you.  Good luck, man:-) 
I lucked out recently with a computer vender here in Rupert.  I purchased a CD burner from Data Boy that failed after 6 months.  I took it to them and they replaced the unit for free even though I coudn’t find my receipts.  Data Boy didn’t need to honour my warranty, I now give them my business.

DATABOY ya they rock , and i see that GOODBYTES is going BELLY-UP…this one time in a computer store near Tim Hortons like across the street. I went to them and I asked for this. Its a Firewire Dual Bay Hard Drive Adapter. The owner of Goodbytes says to me they who ever they are dont make that… you can buy a single one but not dual. I laughed my ass off I said “yes they do, I have seen them” then he tells me well I cant get it in.  I took my phat wallet and left the store and walked to DATABOY and they were like No problem come back in 2 to 3 days it will be here for ya. A TRUE STORY…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

shutter shack will have your purchase date, model, serial number info - they keep that stuff for years.  they send all the warranty papers into the manufacturer - they always have.  just bring the camera to them and have them send it out. 

You will have no problem with Shutter Shack getting it fixed, whether it’s under warranty still or not.  I had to get the screen fixed on my Canon after 9 months, and all I had to do was take it in, they looked up my info, and sent it off.  A month later, I got my camera back delivered to my door, owing nothing because it was still under warranty.

If it’s not a warranty problem, I’m sure Shutter Shack would give you a ballpark figure on what it would cost to fix.