Digital camera advice

I always find that you guys have good advice when it comes to buying stuff.  Last time I asked about iPods for my daughter and had great suggestion.  I ended up buying a red 4Gb from and she loves it.  An added bonus to the cool factor is that she is the only one around here with a personalized red iPod.  And I ended up inheriting the iShuffle as my son doesn’t seem interested for now.

Now her birthday is coming up and I want to find a good little camera.  Price range, $100-$150.
Suggestions?  Brand, model and places to order.


Seems to me that is a little on the low price range…not going to get much for that.  Just taking a quick look at and doesn’t make the choice (if there is one) obvious.  Is she set on having a camera?  Does disney make a kid friendly camera, at parent friendly prices? :smiley: is within your price range, but no idea if it’s any good (I wouldn’t imagine that it is).

When I was looking to buy a new camera a few years ago, I took MiG’s advice and bought a small form factor Canon, and have been really happy with it. It was $250 or so two years ago.

I’m quite happy that I bought a camera that will fit in my pocket (even though for the same price I could have got a larger camera with a better resolution), because now I can take my camera with me easily, whereas if I had a large camera with a carrying case and all that jazz, it would stay at home, and I would never be able to take a spontaneous picture.

Last summer my gf bought me a Canon 4 MPx camera AND a Pixma photoprinter together for $199 at London Drugs.
The camera connector pulls out of a slot in the damn printer, you can run it on 3 C batteries and carry it in your purse and print like it was a Polaroid. Nice 4x6 prints that were better than the last Polaroid I owned! Plus some kid grade photo software for your computer in the package.
It’s not as nice as the one that was ripped off by some baggage handler, but I never did get back into taking any more than snapshot photography anyways.
That $99 Kodak’s plenty of camera for a kid. Unless you have a Costco nearby its a pretty good deal.

Canon Powershot SD200
$149 refurb!

A good review from steves-digicams…

Sturdy, compact, easy to use with lots of features. It’s a Canon…

Orangetang, this camera looks like it would fit the bill perfectly.  It’s small, not pricey and it’s a Canon!

Most likely, she will not use the camera to make prints too often.  I’m guessing she will use it for websites, school projects and email.

Thanks guys

Don’t forget that it’s a refurb, however.  Buyer beware.

My present truck is a refurb.  So is your house  :wink:.