Digital Cable and Movie Rentals

I know y’all have Satellite TV up there, but is there Digital Cable available from Shaw?  If not, any news of it arriving soon?

Also, where’s the best place to rent vids up there?  I hear that it’s super expensive to rent.

Mornin Princess  we have digital cable here from CityWest vids I dont know about

Thanks Bandit :smile:

really no point in renting, with the digital cable you can still get paperview…why go out and rent when you could rent from your couch :smiley:

One question about paperview: how do you get the images onto the paper?  Is this that new wireless paper I’ve been hearing about, or is there some kind of chemical in the paper that allows you to see things moving around?

Now if they had pay-per-view, that might be something worth writing home about!  :imp:

Love it!