Differentially Good

Converted my Chevy K5 Blazer from a truck to a fully Lincoln locked tire-eating street plow.

Get that baby off-road and she handles like a cumbersome wet dream.

PS: A Lincoln locker is a poor mans way of turning an open (if one tire spins you’re fucked) differential into a completely locked, both tires spin always, differential.

True 4X4 is the only way to go off road.

the old mid 70s RAMs and Power Wagons had them, plus a transfer case lock. All 4 wheels turned at the same speed. Great offroad. Tons O’ Fun on the highway if you didn’t mind 3 mpg and burning out transfer cases…

Heh, yeah I get about that milage with my beast… It’s got a 400 cubic inch small block in it. Pretty hard on gas.

Yeah. Totally hey?? Hard on gas huh? Oh yeah… Right. Yes, that does make sense. Hummmm.

400 cubic inch small block huh? Wow. Yeah. No, I know what you’re saying. I agree. Lincoln locked!

Haha, screw you Jim.

u do mean screw yourself right??

haha, I thought your blazer was 4x4 already. I thought it was your chevette that needed to be lincoln locked. I base this purely off Cheventure #1 from my perspective.