Didcha pick him out of the lineup?

So has anyone been able to identify our czar of the frame, Mig from the CHSS staff picture in the Snoozle on Friday?

I have my own choice, but who do you think he was?

Damn…I didn’t get a snoozle today.  Anyone got a scan of that picture?  I’ll pick up Friday’s paper tomorrow at Overwaitea:-)

I’m not on CHSS staff, so I wouldn’t be in any photo, unless they photochopped me in there.

Hopefully they photochopped a good likeness of you, my man:-)

My bad, sorry thought you were. But, hmm, there’s a fellow in the line up that could be your Evil double Uncle Festus…

Another parlour game gone for naught here… :frowning:

That’s Mr Bureau… not MiG.

the mummy was mister bureau wasnt it?