Did you hear that?

Weird, big boom, shook the house. Looked out back and my neighbours we also looking out, wondering what the hell was happening.

Jesus wept. I leave Rupert for 10 days and something exciting happens.

Was it more of a noise, or a rumble?

Like a boom! Like somebody just threw my BBQ onto the deck or something. I thought that’s exactly what happened, so I turned on the outside light, called the dog to go investigate first ('cause like, he’s the expendable crew member), and when I went out, the neighbours were all outside, also wondering what the noise was.


Hey, this What Do You Think? at the Onion is just wicked.

huh. i heard it too. i’ll have to check the fax machine for press releases when i go to work tomorrow.

Neighbour’s fence fell down too. Weirdness. Earthquake?

Doubt it was an earthquake, everyone woulda felt it and I didn’t feel a thing. An earthquakes dont bang, they shake, and this makes a rumble. They also last about 10-30 seconds. But meh… prolly a retarted deer fighting a drunk beaver.

Did you hear it too?


I heard it, i was visiting a friend on 5th east. Saw a bright orange flash just before it too.

i think it was an explosive.

none of the forensic team got called so I doubt it was anything crime related.


I don’t know if this is the source of the extremely loud exlosion or not???
But…a group of teens were walking down 4th East last night, threw something into the air behind them and WHAM, a very very loud explosion and flash. Can’t remember what time it was at, but it must have been after 11 pm or so… No need to worry citizens, just youth being youth.

Aye, heard it to, down at Breakers, sounded like someone drove a fork lift of a cliff or something.

Probably a transformer…

Hey Oroborus, did you see the kids actually cause the explosion?

wasnt me.

I was blowing up Co2 canisters but no where near 5th. I was at that batanicel gardens place.

Explosives? I’m glad people in Rupert are fooling with explosives that will knock your neighbours fence down.

Wha’, ya mean like the pipe bomb behind the Bank of Commerce several years ago? I was living in the Kilas Christopher building then. I remember feeling the bomb go off before I heard it.

I bet you it made a whole bunch of expensive American satellites get all excited.

still wasnt me shifty eyes