Did I break the internet?

So nothing works, and nothing will connect except htmf and my citytel email, but they are very slow.  Is everyone in Rupert like this or just me?

I just installed loads of Creative Zen software, so if it’s just me, I guess I know what the problem is.

i haven’t been on here in ages


nope im in the same boat

heres hoping its something simple
and will be back up in a bit

dead like the coolness of right said fred

sweet its back for me now.

not me, and my computer is slower than ever.  Damn extra software!

I, and Ryan, on the other side of town, can’t access anything out of town.

Serves me right for making jokes about all those lower mainlanders struggling to cope with the weather, I guess.

still isn’t working over on this side of town

Man, going without the internet before bed, and then not having upon waking up really sucks.

Yes, looks like the interweb is dead.

HTMF – where prince rupert goes when the internet isn’t working.

PS – did anybody hear the loud thunder last night?

Time to post your traceroutes :wink:

I removed most of the external parts of HTMF, so it should load faster.

CityWest has an update on their voice mails that there was a fire on a pole around Hazelton where some fiber was hanging and it melted the fiber.

Its killed connectivity up the line. No repair time yet…

did citytel at one point not to long ago use mnt hays for internet to the out side world?
and are we now using the fiber optics to terrace to get out now?

is this why load  times are slower?

Around 3:30-4:00am I heard some loud thunder followed by hail and wind. 

My internet is brokennnn…

Well it’s good to know that if the world ever comes to an end, we’ll at least be able to tell each other on htmf.  Won’t be able to find anything else out, mind you.

Hope they fix the thing soon, withdrawal, I’m getting the shakes…

Just out of curiosity, if Citywest can block spam, how come they can’t send it?

I would think that if they sent a blanket email to all their subscribers advising as to the situation and the expected return time they might cut down on the amount of phone calls that no doubt are clogging their lines…

Standing by for all updates here on the htmf…

That thunder was so loud last night. I woke up just before 5 to try get a PS3 online (thats when BestBuy and FutureShop start selling) to find the internet was down  :neutral_face:

Oh well, I probably didn’t have a chance at snagging one anyway. Would’ve been nice to get one and make a healthy profit on eBay  :wink:

I hate thunder, man we get it once every few years, I always think someone blew there house up in a gas explosion or a meth making house… it shook the house last night.

Well, I knew something was up this morning – 12 missed calls on my cellphone when I looked at it :wink:

12 missed calls between 11:30 pm and 8:00 am???

You working some kind of phone sex service or something??? :imp:

Weird stuff – PLnet seems to be connected to the rest of the world.  So that means most of the school sites are working fine.