Did C-61 prevent a Conservative majority?

Did copyright reform prevent a Conservative majority?

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Article in IT World Canada looks at some of the issues surrounding Bill C-61.  How will a potential Obama presidency influence the issue?  What is it about C-61 that has so many Canadians and corporations opposing it?

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I tried to find the article that you are trying to link, but didn’t find it - it’s probably right in front of me hey?  :wink:

I know that Obama is quite comfortable with technology; if elected I hope that he doesn’t try to also screw us over with copy write.

I doubt it.  Even though Dion isn’t a strong leader, the Liberals still ended up with 76 seats and the Bloc 50 seats.  So, I’d argue that the difficultly in getting a majority government has more to do with the number of major political parties in Canada. 

So now that the Conservatives have a strengthened minority do you think the armpits will attempt to push C-61 down our throats?  If they do I truly hope the opposition parties will block this insanity. :imp:

They promised to reintroduce the Bill.

Damn.  I hope the other parties block it.