Dick will be in charge Saturday

It’s like a scene from Monster, Chiller Horror theatre,

Dick Cheney gets to be president on Saturday.


For those that are weak of heart, we suggest you stay in bed with the blinds drawn, the covers pulled up and the tv decidedly in the off position.

Yeah I heard the Bush is going for a Frontallabotemy and Dick is taking charge , that is some scary shit for the whole world . I just imagine the damage he could do in his little Play Station . Let us pray he does not find the Red Phone .

Not a lobotomy, a colonoscope. Stephen Harper’s gone missing…

No matter what it is we are all safe now because they did Bush and he is back in power , this world can be a safe place again , good old George junior . But we should thank the Dick for all he has done while in power .

The colonoscopy went well. All they found causing the blockage was Harper’s Tilley hat.

I don’t even want to know what’s in the secret pocket of that hat… eww

LOL, brown-nosing at its finest. :imp: