Diana Lake Dam

[quote=“Head Dissident”]Chelton van Geloven, Dam Safety Officer
Water Stewardship, Min. of FLNRO
#325 - 1011 4th Ave
Prince George BC V2L 3H9
250 565-4462

Apparently this is the person to talk to… I might just give him a call tomorrow :wink:[/quote]

"sorry he is not in the office today " of course , IT’S FRIDAY! duh

[quote=“leroy”]I don’t have much of a problem if those lake levels were slowly brought down to their original levels,
this can be easily accomplished by slowly raising the gates, theerby lowering the lake levels.
Currently the reserve of water serves no purpose, if the lakes were restored to their original levels, the foreshores would be ugly until they greened over, but that could be easliy remedied if the will was there to do it.
There would also be the added bonus for the kids who could go into the newly dry foreshore and harvest all of the lost fishing lures.[/quote]

Even if notihng was done to green up the new foreshore, nature would green it up in a year or so.
My friends Grandfather said that the original lakes, although smaller were quite pretty places, with many cabins and beaches.

My worry is that if the maintenance schedule on the dams is reduced probably the safest thing to do is to lower the lake levels, eliminating the pressure on the dams