Diabetes information

The Canadian Diabetes Association will be hosting an event n Prine Rupert on April 1, 2011 from 1-3 pm.(venue not chsoen yet, but they are hoping to have lunch available)
Is there something specific related to diabetes they would like to know more about. Any ideas will be considdered and will see what can be done.
One thig they are looking at doing is having someone talk about how diabetes effects the feet, so they asked me to find out if anyone in Prince Rupert sees a footsies doctor.(sorry had to)

Dr Fiest from Terrace, is the man you would want, he is great guy…

He has regular clinics in Rupert.

Yep Dr Feist is a good guy. He’ll tell you anything, and everything you want to know about feet, and foot care.

He is in Rupert for 4 days every month. His office is at the Hospital, so if you call the main switchboard, there will be an extension number on there to call.

If anyone new needs to see him, there is however around a 3 month waiting list, so call now, for an appointment in the late Spring-early Summer.

Hoping to hear from PG tomorrow with the venue for the meeting. Will be between 1-3 and their hope is to have it at the friendship house and will include a meal.

Will be an information booth on the lower level of Rupert Square today from 1-3.