Dessert Theatre

I’ve posted a bunch of Dessert Theatre pics here:

It was an interesting event, if you like strange, small-town theatre.

I’ve always wondered this… why are the most people involved in theatre, also journalists or radio personalities?

I really have not a clue myself either, Hoshq… Please explain :stuck_out_tongue:

I was there and I must say I liked all the short plays and Bernadette Sequibal’s set. The “Common Law” skit, although somewhat predictable, was quite funny and clever. The last play was very well performed.
However, I could have done without the poetry, songs and especially the dances. If the organizers thought it would be good filler in between plays, they were wrong. I would have rather like having a 2-3 minutes break so that people at my table would have discussed each play ( like we usually do after watching a movie). Where else am I going to discuss theatre?

My sister was in the final act, and I must say I liked that one the best. The dancing and singing was rather well… I won’t comment on it.

Bernadette was good though. It was the other people well… you get my drift :wink: