Desperate Canucks call up the Moose to take over for playoff drive

Afraid that the franchise may miss the playoffs again, the Vancouver Canucks have taken extraordinary measures.

Placing a phone call late Monday night, GM Dave Nonis has replaced the entire Canucks’ roster with that of the Manitoba Moose, a desperate but daring bid to shake up his lethargic squad.

Rumblings of the move were making the rounds of Vancouver watering holes late Monday, despite the remarkable play by the regular Canucks on Saturday.

Instantly, the feed back was one of shock, as Vancouver fans seemed stunned to silence with rumours of the move.

Leaving aside the monetary aspect of the process for a moment, the move may be the kind of emotional boost that the city needs, as the young and eager to impress Moose make their way to Vancouver to take over the final three home games of the year.

Facing a rather stern test, the new version of the Canucks will still be hard to scout for the likes of Colorado, Edmonton and Calgary as the season winds down.

On the other side of that equation of course, is the shocked state of the Canuck roster players who now will be taking over for the Moose in the AHL and an always entertaining rivalry with the Chicago Wolves.

Ordinarily the prospect of switching entire line ups would seem beyond comprehension, but the Canucks have let the season almost slip away in the last few weeks, Nonis clearly must be concerned that vital playoff dates are at risk.

Lending a sense of urgency to the matter, the project was a closely guarded secret with only a few close advisors to the Canucks kept in the loop, even the head coach had no idea as to what was going on until April 1st.

Season ending slides need to be corrected quickly; it’s a daring move and one that will surely have many folks shaking their heads in amazement at just how outside the box the Canucks have gone on this first day of April…

April Fools Day  ??????  lol

Funny, I thought it was going to be Mark Messier :wink:

I lost my ancient Westcoast Fliar webpages!
Otherwise I’d send ya to the fake newsreport link with a photo of an un-iced cupcake. It read something like this:
Orca Bay Annouces "The Messier"
on sale only at Canuck games for $7.99

Fans want to know why you’d pay so much for a fruitcake with nothing on top that turns to shit an hour after you buy it…

Podunk…just when I was starting to admire and really like your posts…
Any thing else BUT the canucks are open season.

LOL, judging by the way they have played for most of March open season will soon be out of season… :smiley:

Hmmm, considering the outcome tonight, perhaps my Plan B might have had some merit after all…

Well that was a real show.
You hope in spite of it all, they’ll win one for Trevor. They pull their most miserable show yet out of the hat…

Absolutly disgusting…
Nonis shoud be fired along with viagneault.
Dont think I will watch a single first round hockey game.

You know if the  Canucks didn’t suck so much I just might be a fan.