Desktop Scanner

Wondering if anyone would use such a device.

What I’ve been making - boredom mostly - is a desktop application, essentially (standalone: no installation necessary and of course no spyware/adware! Eek!) with DesktopX (Stardock).

It would be a fully functional police scanner and you’d be able to tune into many different ones from around the globe and even add your own, via a ‘bookmarking’ system I’ve yet to implement.

… just wondering if there’d be any interest from people in here using such a thing. :smile:

Oh, you can’t tell from the screenshot, but I thought it’d be nifty to add a Hue Slider (Below the LCD) so users can change the screen color in real-time.

PS: If you’ve any suggestions or something you’d want it to contain, let me know. And, yes it’ll be free. hehe.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

That’s pretty cool. Do you anticipate having a record option? I personally am not a scanner hound but I assume recording would be a feature they would like.

Hm… A record option. Decent idea, actually. Not entirely sure how to implement this, but surely there’s a way. hehe. I guess the user would then have to set it up so it detects their sound hardware/software + configurations. That may make the app. that much bigger with perhaps an installation needed (Which I’d like to avoid, really. It’s just nice to run a standalone app, at least for me)…

Thanks for the input, too! :smiley:

No problemo. Also… even though it’s a free product, could you get heat from Uniden for using their company name and product name on it? I’m not sure, but it’s something to think about.

It depends. Some companies are pretty stringent about who gets to use/distribute their names, even under the clause of “fan art”. EA Games, Sony and MAC come to mind - But there shouldn’t be anything bad from this. It won’t be available on any web site nor will it be distributed anywhere but privately (here) so there’s no worry about backlash.

If I were to mass-market something like this, then yes, indeed, I’d need prior written consent. :smile: