Desire to live and work in Prince Rupert!

Hello there everyone . . . i am wanting to move from Squamish to prince Rupert in a year or so. does anyone know where to look for job postings for the port . . . I understand that they are opening the new one at the end of august … . but over all the new harbor will be finished before the 2010 Olympics . .  . which is perfect because I don’t want to be near Vancouver or Squamish when it happens. The job is for my boy friend. He has proficient customer service skills, yard organization experince, and is proficient with the forklift, jcb and many other heavy machines. i am a skilled graphic artist (education 2 years / experience 3 years) and proficient with digital press and printing, and will be needing a job as well. If any employers see this forum and are interested please contact me at, and I will reply asap!

Thank You so much for your time and consideration
Shaneen A. Mameli

try prince rupert’s port authority

I moved here from Squeemish a year or so ago. Rupert’s a great area, you won’t regret the move. Housing is so cheap compared to there.
Unless you’re looking to move right away, looking for work now won’t help you much in a year when you want to come though.

  Why :confused:

lol codybear
anybody willing to relocate andlooking for a house i have one for sale needs mega mega mega work on it only asking $45,000. that because youw ill probably hve to put about 75,000 into to get it fixed up to par send me an email here