Deletion of stormfront logo as avatar

Fuck the person who deleted my “white pride” avatar. I’m allowed to be proud of my color without burning crosses and killing children! How about all those indians out there with Nisga’a Pride across their hoody’s and pants? You gonna tell them that they can’t have pride in their culture? And fuck you assholes who are sending me death threats over it. Grow up!!!

I am happy and proud to be “white”.

They are idiots too.

I didnt delete it, but I sure think you’re a dipshit for having it.

I dont know if you’re referring to my pm, but i definitely did not threaten you with death.

I just think you’re a moron, and hope that people who find pride in being… white, or nisgaa, or black, or american, or canadian, or whatever, eventually leave us who are STOKED ON BEING A FUCKIN HUMAN BEING WITHOUT A QUALIFYING LABEL IN FUCKING PEACE.

What about goats, though? Goats are pretty stokin’, too.

Man, HTMF is sure jumpin’ tonight.

well i am not going to honor your goat-loving actions with a judgement, i dont think.

You can be proud of your culture. White isn’t a culture.

That was me.

No problem, but maybe you should display your white pride logo on a website run by a white person. thanks.

I wouldn’t allow a Swastika in as an avatar either, even if the person who wanted to use it was German.

Sorry, but the logo you chose specifically represents burning crosses and racial segregation. If you didn’t mean to represent those things, then you should have chosen a different logo.

A Nisga’a Pride shirt doesn’t advocate death to non-Nisga’a people. Stormfront does. Do you even know what they stand for?

Sorry, but next time you want to have a logo of a group that is against immigration to North America, maybe you should take it to a website not run by an immigrant.

How ironic is that anyway? That stormfront is against immigration to North America. How did the white power people themselves get here?

White isn’t a culture? There are many who say that the idea of culture is simply a construct of convenience.

Is “Canadian” a culture? There are lots of different cultures within Canada. So does this mean that one can’t be proud to be Canadian?

whats the point of being proud of your culture

its only because of selective memory that we are able to wake up each morning not clawing at our faces at the horrors of the past, and selective memory is bullshit.

i subscribe to no culture but my own, that i create through my goodwill and positive motions through life.

i refuse to be labelled as anything but a human being

what if they were hindu?

quite honestly when i first saw it i thought she was being ironic, so i sent her a blast of shit telling you how i felt about it. to find out she was SERIOUS blew my fn mind.

[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]what if they were hindu?

Nope, not even if they were hindu. The symbol has come to represent Auschwitz, too bad for the hindus, but it’s been hijacked.

The Stormfront Cross represents hate, not pride. It represents holocaust denial, burning crosses, racial segregation, etc.

How fucking ironic is it that they use a cross?

At the request of a user, I’m adding this link to this thread:

It’s a website all about

(the forum is here: )

It’s described as a place for “all of the people out there who want to speak against this stuff or learn about how racist cults operate.”

Here’s a link to a posting by David Duke (yeah, the KKK guy) encouraging stormfront users to post on “the thousands of other forums out there”. … php?p=1218