I’ve been using this site to keep important bookmarks (favorites for you IE users).  That way, when I’m on  a different computer, I can access them easily.
I just thought I’d share it with those of you who never used it.

Very cool, BigThumb.  I use the foxmarks in Fire Fox to synchronize my bookmarks with the different computers I use.

The cool thing about the site I posted is that you can share your bookmarks with others just by giving them the link for your own page.
There’s also a dowloadable plug-in for firefox ( not sure if IE has it) that adds a couple of icons on your browser, one for quick access, the other for bookmarking directly.  It’s pretty cool stuff.
PM me if you want to see my list of page.

I used  when it first started – it’s one of the first “web 2.0” kinds of sites.  I think it was the first really popular site that used tags, which everybody else then copied (such as Flickr and Metafilter, etc).  The more people that bookmarked something, the more popular it became.  Sort of an early version of digg.

It’s gotta be at least 4 or 5 years old, though. 

Must be because I only found out about it this year :wink:
It does the job for me as I regularly work on 3 computers and it gives me quick access to some favorite bookmarks.  I also like the tags which narrows down my search.