Does Apple have anything similar to windows defrag? It can’t possibly be good for my computer to go as long as it has without any optimizing…

No need to defrag, since the filesystem isn’t set up like Windows (FAT or NTFS). The Mac filesystems don’t fragment like that.

In fact, there’s very little reason to defrag under windows. Most of the problems in Windows are just a shitload of spyware and other goodies running.

My computer grinds a lot more than it used to when it boots up. But nothing that I know of has changed. Its likes the computer is loading up a program. I have Nortan Anti Virus running all the time and I also run adware once a day. And a constant connection to the internet.

Someone is running programs that i don’t know of perhaps?


Ad-aware pro? Updated? If not, send me an e-mail.

use norton utilities disk and defrag the hard drive… the mac os system DOES get de-fragmented but nothing nearly as windows…

If anyone insists on using Norton stuff, go into your registry and stop every single unnecessary Symantec process immediately. Count how many you toss… If you just click away and do the default install you might as well go back to a Pentium 133.

Do Macs start everything all at once? Or does the preferences just set pointers to the libraries needed? I loved that on Amigas…

First this is for mac not windows… and OSX doesn’t have a registry. and also norton is the only one i believe with speed disk for os 9 and x …

Should I be concerned about spyware?

not on a mac

spyware is the windows version of clogged arteries. Every month I give a mousepad to the owner of the system i find with the most spyware items.
Record was 648 in Nov, and this [daughters pc] one had 488… soon as it was cleaned out it was like a new computer! I nominate Ad Aware and Mailwasher as the 2 most useful Windows tools ever written

i have to scam my comp into ‘needing a Mac’…

highest score for me was 1068

you win, hands down. would it even start?

the system was a dell p4 2.6gig with 1gig memory. it was used to do drafting and some auto cad. the guy that owned it let his 3 daughters use the computer every day. All 3 had there own log in and there own separate 2p2 downloading software. lets just say that there were lot’s of viruses and it was slow…

the 648 was in an office. No surprise that that person is no longer employed there…

is there no spyware targeting Macs? what is the standard e-mail program for Mac? i know a few users with THunderbird

Mig got me hooked on Mail i used to use entourage but it was slow… WHen the new office is out and i get it ill try it again…

I hit 670+ on one machine, 560+ on another. One of the guys at Databoy had a machine a few weeks ago that just got over the 1200 mark. also was virus laden he said and the thing ran like 100mhz machine, but was a P4 of some varient.

He couldnt save it even after cleaning it up and had to reformat/install.

I do have to agree Ad-Aware is a very good program for what it does. I may even register it. What does the registered version give you that the free version does not? Hmm have to go hit the website.

What really pisses me off is that the people with all the spyware on their computer are not generally idiots. They are smart people, who are using their computers in the way they normally do. They are using Windows in the way it is supposed to be used, out of the box. Yet, they get infected with all this crap. It’s not their fault.

Yes I’d agree with that statement to some extent. Yes most are just using their computers ‘normally’, and I’d say a lot of the people I deal with are smart people, but just not smart when it comes to computers. In large part its education. If you can stop people from clicking on every damn thing they get in their email, or every window that pops up we might get somewhere.

I hear SP2 for XP is beta right now and turns on a lot of security stuff by default like the FW, and from one rumor ive read has some anti-pop up stuff now too.

but this is just speculation that Ive read on one mailling list i’m on.

True that man. And to think that we pay good money for our internet connections and get bombarded with that shit. Although I must say that they are starting to get good control of those freaking popup adds, compared to the past.

I wish people would stop saying “firewall”.

So many people think “firewall” means that their computer can’t be infected with viruses and spyware. It’s crazy.

But yeah, spyware is everywhere, and often you don’t even have to click anything. The really crappy stuff just takes advantage of the hundreds of Internet Explorer holes and installs itself without ever asking you about it. Other spyware asks negative questions, and when you say “no” it installs itself.