Default copy, default move toggle?

does anyone know where i can change the default activity for windows when i drag and drop files in explorer?? right now it copies and i want it to move… i know ive seen this setting before but i cannnot find it

Copy = Ctrl and drag
Move = Shift and drag

or you could drag with right mouse button and get a menu.

i thought there was a toggle, but that mightve been from doshell back in the day…

There are options with the accessibility functions (like hold shift for 5 seconds? or press it 5 times? something like that). I don’t have a windows machine in front to me to check…

Anyway, they act as a “toggle” of sorts. For people with one hand or one finger.

If you do find a toggle, post it. Windows was designed for the unwashed masses who would ‘lose it’ otherwise. "RINNNNGG! I downloaded a file, but how do I find out where it went?"
I have 2 hands so I don’t even drag. click CTRL-X point click CTRL-V. It’s SO complicated only 4 people in town know how to do it. Just like with Access…
i’ve never used explorer. reminds me of a dos thing directoryOPUS or commander whatever it was…

Yeah, it’s hit shift 5 times. Then you can have the sticky keys thing.

Sticky keys.