Deer Crossing

Please everyone watch out for those deer crossing signs.

Now… this maybe fake but…damn… … did=777869

P.S watch out this may make you barf

that’s not fake… sickning I wonder what it was like in real life?

That is so sad…poor little animal. I’d think whoever was driving was driving too fast!!!


Well I beleave under the lines of “DEEEEEEEEER” “splat” and many screams.


sorry… i am morbid… and laugh when something dies.

Classy way to show up for a date!

Gross… :arrow_right:


that deer is glad he was going as fast as he was.

I can think of speeds the deer would have preferred, though, like none.

my question is if it died instintly.

Unless it was some bionic deer, I’m sure it died instantly.

define, instantly.

Instantly, as in first impact of it’s body with the vehicle.

On the other forum it said one vehicle hit it, and then it flew in the air and hit the vehicle we see the pics of. With the force of the first hit being able to throw it in the air and into the windshield of the next car, I would hope it’s safe to say the blunt force trauma would have killed it instantly.

Dude, living things are surprisingly tough. Even if they can’t indicate to us that they are alive, I would contend that no one really knows at what point someone or something stops existing as a conscious, living being.

This would get into argument about the nature of awareness, so I’ll bow out.

well it’s actually quite easy to tell when something is dead.

However for the instant that thing died I’m pretty sure it happend quickly.


seeing this post of that deer reminds me of dale and Stephen’s MOOSE!!! accident with stevie’s S10

My 2 cents… Cry more about it! The fucking thing got hit by two cars and torn in two pieces… If it didn’t die INSTANTLY, then it died quite fucking shortly after the accident.


Stupid deer. As far as dead goes… Organs and flesh can live for several minutes after a heart has stopped beating. Salmon for example, can be bonked, cleaned and put in the cooler well before their heart stops beating. Also, anyone who had Mr.Hamilton as a teacher at CHSS probably has heard his story about the kid who fell in the lake…

Think winter time at Diana lake, and think of falling off one of the logs into the cold water and getting tangle dup int he chains… Death? No… Hamilton and his paramdeic crew got the boy out about 30 minutes later and revived him. He lost some basic motor skills from minor brain damage, but recovered fully.

Give or take some details… I never paid much attention to that guy.

Piss off about the deer. Who gives a shit, the meat is obvously wrecked.

yeah i agree. it’s a deer who care’s…