Deep South Justice

The case of Troy Davis has me skeptical ( to say the least) of the Georgia judicial system. I will try and post a link. What amazes me is this statement “In August 2010, however, a U.S. District Court in Georgia ruled that Davis had failed to prove his innocence and denied him a new trial.”

Here I thought everyone was innocent until proven guilty. … story.html

He was proven guilty. The fact just about all the witnesses against him recanted their testimony doesn’t factor into it.
These people pack their BBQs to tailgate parties for executions FFS.

I come from the deep south originally. Alabama. And it’s certainly a place you don’t want to wind up in jail. My neck was never red enough to live there so I left in 1977.

Have you ever noticed it’s the most “Christian” states that do the most executions? Texas is way out front with that honor. Friendly people. Be out in the middle of nowhere (Texas has a lot of that) and people still wave at you as you drive down the road. But they execute more criminals than anybody else.

I suspect the law enforcement community is behind the drive to execute this man. They always want to send a message that cop killers will never be allowed to get away. Even if there is a reasonable doubt he did it.


At the other extreme, some people live in a place where a kid diddler is protected.

From a long ago radio broadcast:

I say Andy, duz yo know what I likes about de South?

No Amos, wha’s dat?


Hey 97,

I see you’re a Bob Hope fan too. You know his wife died yesterday? She was 102!


[quote=“DHCollins”]Hey 97,

I see you’re a Bob Hope fan too. You know his wife died yesterday? She was 102!


Yes I have been a Bob Hope fan for most of my life, so that will tell you how old I am!
Bob and Dolores both lived to a great old age. He to 100 and she did to 102.
This in itself is a great achievement
The Road pictures with Bing Crosby are movie Icons.
Dolores was a fine singer in her own right but retired when she married Bob.
She did do some recording when she was in her 80’s though.
It’s hard to think that the style of Bob and Bing and Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers,
Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor and so many more of the mid 20th Century won’t be seen again.
Great pity.

It would be easy to disprove Ann Coulters last comment “since 1950” and seething Liberals can gladly have there way with her, but this is one fine lawyer broad who I would have in my corner anytime, or my bed.