Debian Etch Released!

For all of you Gnu/Linux lovers out there!  Debian Linux 4.0 (code named Etch) has been released today after 21 months of development.  I’ve been waiting for Debian Etch to be released as stable.
I’m going to wait a day or two before attempting a netinstall as I’m sure the servers and repos are getting clobbered today.  Enjoy. :smiley:

My brother has always evangelized Debian as his distribution of choice.

I remember back 5-6 years ago, people would criticize Debian because it was a little bit different, most of the other distros seemed to be using Red Hat-style methods, would argue that RPM was a superior package management system etc, and now it seems that we’ve come full circle.

Your brother is right, Eso!  I love Slackware, but in my opinion, Debian has the best package management system of any Linux distribution out there…period.  The World’s most popular distro, Ubuntu, uses the Debian apt-get package management system.
I have one of my Slackware boxes reserved for Debian and will do a clean netinstall in a few days.
Open source rocks:-)