Debate Club

As many of are either current or former students of CHSS, I have some questions about a prospective club I want to form and organize next school year. How does a debate club sound? Some possible topics/activities could include: informal logic, logical self-defence, formal debate, philosophy, organized debates with PRSS (if they have an interested group) or other “local high schoolsâ€

Hi Dave,

In fact, very few of the current members are CHSS students. Lots of former ones. Lots of non-Rupert people here too.

Best to post this on the CHSS site.

(or we can debate whether this is a good place to post it or not!)

Actually, Dave, I’m thinking of doing an online school newspaper thing next year. With like student reporters and stuff… wanna help out?

Hi MiG

The newspaper idea sounds great. Sure, I’ll help out. Maybe a debate club can be formed from interested student reporters.

That is an excellent idea. It will benefit the entire town. My hometown has a paper online(and recently won awards) and it is so great to be able visit the site and keep posted on the happenings around town.

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Can you imagine a Beowulf cluster of those?

Do you speak… words…?

Lots of small towns have an online newspaper. Even us

'sposed to be satire of our real paper…]

So is Powell River actually part of Sunshine Coast? Or do they have a more accurate name…?

Yes, Powell River is considered part of the Sunshine Coast.
On a map PR is only approx. 100 miles away from Vancouver. But with the mountains, glaciers and other complications, a road has yet to be established.
It is only a half hour ride to Vancouver on a 15 passenger plane and a beautiful ride at that.

I never thought a geographical debate would ensue from my original post.

This isn’t about a small town having an online newspaper, it’s about a small highschool having an online newspaper.

News is news. What does size have to do with this?

Size Matters.

Image is everything.

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i am. but i have nothing to mix it with![/quote]

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Dave has been around long enough to know we never stay on topic.