"Death of a President"

So the movie will not be shown in the USA as the American government  banned it, yep the land of the free, where in their constitution the American people have the right to free speech, but this is not an American movie it’s a BBC produced movie, those silly Brits.
The freest country in the world is not all that free slowly the bush government has made amendments to laws all in the name of freedom, when doing so the people of the American government lose out.
  What’s so sad is that the people go with it, there like “oh well I know that I will lose some rights but I will be safeâ€

So, I’m just wondering exactly where you read, heard or saw that the American Gov’t had banned the movie. As I haven’t actually come across that particular story as of yet.

I have read that the likes of CNN, History Channel and such have decided not to carry any advertising, NPR won’t give it a promotional blurb like it does for other sponsors. True they’re certainly not helping spread the word about it (but in reality I don’t think it needs anymore help) but nobody is talking about banning the thing.

Some theatre chains have chosen not to show it in their theatres, which is their right I guess, a rather silly gesture but then it will only drive up the buzz on the movie and send the folks to the competition.

There are many comentators including a Former labour secretary under Bill Clinton (A Democrat btw)  , Robert Reich who find the movie tasteless and suggest movie fans take a pass, near as I can tell in the main there has been no call to ban the thing.

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Websites like Salon and sheesh even Fox are reporting on the movie, so if it’s banned then there are few major news sources that haven’t been given the word.

Salon as a matter of fact has done a pretty good article on the movie


Now I can understand a little concern over the way things seem to go in the US from time to time, but we have to try and keep the facts the facts. And not let our imaginations run to the land of the conspiracy quackers…

Rhetoric is nice but only if you can back it up with a few facts from time to time.

The movie is scheduled to open in the US on OCtober 27th, as is the one about the Dixie Chicks which is also in the controversial box, I suspect you’ll be hearing a lot more about them both as the weekend approaches…

No mention of banning on wikipedia either,


sorry i jumped the gun on that, seems like CNN and some movie chains are the ones who are banning the movie in the states.

It’s okay, Astro. We’ll blame it on the baby.


Rhetoric is nice but only if you can back it up with a few facts from time to time.

[quote]Bush passed the Patriot Act, he Spies on his own population,on october 24th he passed a Military act which allows the FBI to go wherever in the world and arrest people saying they are a enemy combatant,then they can torure you for information
they Wiretap phones.plus Bush has drafted a plan to make a North Americian Union, those are facts, [/quote]

Also he just signed a bill passing a 700 mile fence along the mexican boarder, remember he also wanted to fence off Canada.

Those lazy burritos wouldn’t even think of climbing a fence.