"Dead People Don’t Detox!"

“The Dickensian underside of the cityâ€

Podunkian, thanks for that good post, I read your post and yes I plan on watching the video. I do hope that many other people will invest some time about this serious problem, as I have said before there are parts of our own community which if not addressed will result into a mini downtown eastside. I want to bookmark this so I may watch it later, do you believe this can be done? Thanks once again for another interesting post.

Thanks very much Mr. Case for your kind words, I guess that you’re not the one trying to drive my karma into the negatives eh,  :smiley:

I think if you click on the link I gave to the Google video, then book mark it your favourites it should be there whenever you wish to watch it (or just go back to the post on the blog as it will alway be there).

I’m not sure how long google archives some of their video material, but some of it seems to have been there a while so you should be ok.

Another alternative would be to go to the HD Network site they have it posted there for online viewing, but again I don’t know how long they actually keep their archives current.

If all else fails have one of the fine cyber sleuths of htmf give you a heads up on a torrent file that might have it, that way you can save it on your computer for future viewing…

You’re right though, you can occassionally see shadows of the downtown Eastside situation in our own community, hopefully we can be a little more proactive in both the medical and legal requirements. From enforcement, to the courts, to the need to help people get off this stuff before it does them irreperable damage.

It’s a chilling thought to think of 7000 people in ten blocks living the existence that they do.  It’s certainly a breeding ground for much worse in the future…

I’m glad you found the post helpful   

This is one thing I never understood about Canada.  You have a great healthcare system.  You have a great socio-economic system.  Even the welfare system that’s designed to help people, though it is probably abused more often than not, is pretty good.  Yet situations like this on Hastings St. are allowed to continue with most people turning a blind eye to what happens there.  I’m sure this probably happens to most homeless people and habitual drug users in other countries as well, but given the nature of Canada, I expected more would be done to help them but it really isn’t. 

A nation should be judged on how it helps it worse off citizens, not it’s best.

Justin, you can download the video by pointing on it ( a box will open over the video screen) and download it on your hard drive…it’s that simple and all “legal”.

As an aside, I’m a bit curious to know as to why Dan Rather would focus on Vancouver when the Americans have the same problems in their own cities or, is it that he senses that Vancouver might have found the solution to those two serious problems?

[quote=“WhatTheHack!”]As an aside, I’m a bit curious to know as to why Dan Rather would focus on Vancouver when the Americans have the same problems in their own cities or, is it that he senses that Vancouver might have found the solution to those two serious problems?

Just my opinion, but maybe he did it because the 2010 games are coming up there and when cities host major venues like this, especially in the case of the Olympics, they try to sweep problems like this under the rug and hope that no one sees.  A good journalist tries to uncover and expose things like this, no matter where it happens in the world.

A good journalist might mention that there is something missing there.
Flying bullets.
Nobody is ever shooting anyone in that part of town.
Unlike the ‘seedy underside’ of US cities.

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I could never see our little town turn into a mini east side.  Rupert is way too community minded to let that happen.  I am not belittleing your post but that would never happen here my freind.
That area is the only place like it in North America, thats why the likes of Dan Rather is doing a  report on it.  So be relaxed …if it hasnt happened any where else on the continent except for VAncouver…it wont happen here. 
Have you been to Down town Prince George???..thats a nasty little corner of the province also.  I have been all over the country …the scariest is Vancouvers east end…then it would have to be downtown PG.

Don’t forget downtown Nanaimo.  Now THAT’S a scary place!  Yuck!

I’ll have to second that… downtown PG is pretty nasty. 

I think every time I’ve ever stayed at the Ramada there’s been cops outside each night, detaining the hookers and druggies that end up screaming bloody murder all night long.  There was a street brawl right infront a couple times, and the nasty-ass, old hooker that wears a crown and spits all over the sidewalk is always a wonderful sight to see!!

That’s true but there’s just one difference between bullets and drug abuse.  The bullet kills you faster.

…and bullets also kill innocent passersby

I could never see our little town turn into a mini east side.  Rupert is way too community minded to let that happen.  [/quote]

When was the last time you looked under Fraser Street, Chatham Village or Zorbas…

It IS happening here, just not with the same numbers as Van East side.

2004 Stats BC for Prince Rupert:

  • 3rd highest rate of serious crime per capita in BC
  • 2nd highest rate of serious drug crime per capita in BC
  • 5th in BC for potential years of life lost due to suicide/homocide
  • 4th worst infant mortality rate in BC
  • twice as many liquor licences per capita compared to Vancouver (one liquor licence for every 203 residents (based on 12,000 pop) compared to one for every 416 residents in Vancouver)

Geez, I hope that Princess of Power and Beth13 aren’t reading this post…sorry ladies.

Thank you for putting those numbers up there Become the Change, no one seems to listen to me when I try and point out the seriousness of it all in this community. I did thank The Podunkian for his good post and I thank you for yours, it makes me feel good that someone else is paying attention.

Yes, I’m reading, ha ha.  But I’m not deterred.  Rupert seems like a wonderful place.  Maybe the next generation can make it even better.

I watched a portion of the Dan Rather tour on HD-Net yesterday just a short while after reading this post…the part that shocked me was the sheer scale of how many drug addicts/homeless that are crammed into that small area of Vancouver. The figure was something like 7,000 people in total, a high percentage of those being addicts,etc. I don’t think it’s the idea of Vancouver being so “perfect” that was shattered so much as it was the thought of such a large number of people leading such a horrible life and how hard it is for everyone on both sides to cope with the overwhelming nature of it.

As for Rupert, I do know that back in the days when I was single, all the cops I knew frowned heavily whenever they heard of me walking around town at night. (no car, bf lived on the far side of town) Not sure why when sometimes it was in such innocuous areas as the hospital but I did get free rides home on a couple of occasions when they obviously were worried about my safety. If I lived there now I think there are a few places I would not be walking without either my husband or my dogs at night but then again there are many places that a woman should think twice about when she is by herself…

Rupert is a great place to live if you stay away from the alcohol and drug abuse lifestyle, as with anywhere.  That’s a downward spiral that’s hard to get out of no matter where you live.

Good point.  Everyone has to make their own choices.  You can find “skid row” in any town, if you look hard enough.