Dead body found near Cow Bay

A friend of a friend of mine heard on the police scanner Saturday April 10th at 2:00pm that they found a female body in Cow bay. Is this true? I haven’t heard anything about this anywhere else… prince rumors or is it really safe to walk alone at night.

Body found at Cow Bay…

Whether night or day, one should always know their surroundings.

Still police cars and yellow police tape down there… havent heard anything on scanner.Any more info?

Never safe to walk alone at night…male or female…and most certainly not in Rupert

Sadly that is very true.  Anyone know what area of Cow Bay?

Apparently she was no older then 15, and was just taken out of the water

Right between Petrocan Cowbay and towards Oceans Fish Plant the body was floating in the water . Seen by passerby walking along the docks they said on scanner .

one of my friends went to talk to the guy at Petro and he apparently took a pic with his phone… he said the girl couldn’t have been older than 15-16 by the way she was dressed.

a lady was walking her dog and happened to see her. she went to the guy at petro… he called the cops.

My neighbor just told me that same story.  She must have a scanner too.

VERY sad!! just listening to the scanner :frowning: :frowning:  what Ever did happen to her, it is very sad. And it could have been anything weather she slipped while playing around on the rocks. It is not Just the streets that are not safe… the rocks down by oceans are horrible because of the fish guts.

Aww come on!!!  for Christ sake have a bit of respect.

When we know what happened then we will know what happened,  untill then police will investigte with every scenario possible !

I was hoping when I drove by the scene earlier today, that it was something less serious. But I guess not. It could have been anything that got her. I guess we’ll find out more later.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends…

Enough already!  This child was someones daughter, show some respect if you can, and leave it alone.  My condolences to her family and friends.

my heart goes out to the family and friends of this young girl.

And instead of you know it all A**es making post of something you have no idea about, i suggest u keep it to yourself.

She could have been on a walk, alone, and fell into the water. But that’s unlikely. I have the utmost respect for the family, and any family who’s thrust into this sad situation, but the truth is, the less we talk about it, the more the topic is taboo’d, the worse it gets.

It’s a touchy subject, yes, but if in fact, alcohol or drug abuse was a factor, it should be talked about, in depth so we can fix the problem. Hastings street in Vancouver is also a horrible thing, but the less it’s hidden, the more can be done to fix the problem, and save future lives.

nope my parents raised me quite well

i definetly feel bad for whoever it was though

sorry for pissing all you off

oops        whered you hear that