Anyone ever install DD-WRT on a router? Is it worth it? I’m thinking about upgrading my router’s firmware to a custom one, is DD-WRT the best choice?

For an average home/family router not worth the time and effort. A lot of routers are not compatible.
Done many to comply with stuff I use as an ISP or to scare moron motel owners into not messing with it. On my old Linksys home router, it beats the 2003 era firmware but it’s kind of silly. I don’t really use a single feature it adds other than to be geeky.

Worse, some equipment is really difficult to flash back to OEM firmware try it on a spare.

I’ve used it with a VPN to watch Hulu, American Netflix, etc. But that’s the only reason a ‘normal’ person might want it.

But it’s great to learn about networking.

I have it all on my routers 4 linksys wireless routers, the simple reason my routers would need to be reset 5 to 20 times a day. Know it’s once a day between 8 pm - 10:00 pm since the smart meter was put in. I tell everyone who has router problems put in on as it will solve most of your routers crapping out.

I have installed DD-WRT on quite a few routers. A few Linksys (E3000, E4200, E1000), Netgear (WNDR3700, 3500L) and the Asus RT-N16.

I have used them primarily for VPN use and to set up repeater in a few friends’ homes. After tiring of doing it myself, I started to send them to FlashRouters.com (flashrouters.com) who pre-flashes high end routers with DD-WRT and does custom configuration. They have been quite helpful in helping me on some quirks and issues with the Repeater setups. The prices are pretty reasonable for the service and support that they provide.

But DD-WRT is fun to tool around with and it seems to make the router work better and have a lot more options then the units standard firmware, especially in comparison to Linksys. I use the QoS (Quality of Service) in my house to limit the kids from eating all the bandwidth with Netflix and Youtube. They might not enjoy it but I do. Hehe. I’m currently running an E4200 with an E1000 VPN repeater. It is a pretty nice setup, stable and worthwhile to look into.

Hope that helps.

NO your home basted 99$ POS router need’s to be rebooted because you are pushing way to much torrent & traffic through it. home grade routers cant handle the through put that people put through them.

If you have ever looked inside 90% of them they never put on a heat sink either.

haha funny no Torrents and not cheap routers Im using drt350 and a E3000 the other two are cheaper Linksys routers but its the DRT350 that keeps going down and Like I said between 8 PM and 10 PM and only since the smartmeters went in.

I have had the routers run for months at a time before needing a reboot…

You noticed the smart meter thing too eh? And everyone had some total flake reason to oppose them.

Flashed DD-WRT to my router this morning. Fairly straightforward process. Most difficult thing was doing the 30-30-30 reset.

so what you think Dave, the only thing Ididnt like was not having the USB not working for doing nas, but there are work arounds.

Seems fine for now. The internet feels quicker, but I don’t have any numbers to back it up. Everything that I’ve tried works so far. Fun experience.


Seems fine for now. The internet feels quicker, but I don’t have any numbers to back it up. Everything that I’ve tried works so far. Fun experience.[/quote]

After a little more investigation, I’m also liking the information provided via the status tab. It provides a lot of useful information that was missing on the last firmware.