Daylight Savings Time?

Hi Folks, Can anyone tell me for sure if we are “springing ahead” ealier this year as the States are or are we staying true to our great Canadian traditions :unamused:  I need to know as if this is true then I will need to stock up on that extra sunblock for all those extra hours of sunshine…Oh, by the way, what does that look like? :confused:  Thanks…

yes set your time head Saterday night…we are follwing the USA>>>>puke

Europeans, in an effort to avoid becoming fat and overworked, have opted to change their clocks on the 25th of March instead.

Personally, I wish they would at least use daylight saving time over here.  It sucks when the sun wakes you up at four in the morning, while it’s pitch black by nine at night.  :frowning:

Clocks spring ahead surday Night do do not forget. its dumb that we have to follow the states, if the states jumpped of a bridge would canada also. sheesh

Agreed.  This is stupid.  Set your clocks one hour ahead, folks. :smiley:

OMG, Saturday? I hope my new comp comes on Friday  Dell dimension e 520 :smile: :smile:

It would make so much more sense if the all the citizens of the world did away with time zones and daylight / standard time and we all just used UTC (aka Zulu) time.

Saskatchewan and one place in BC (can’t remember the name of the place) does not participate in the time change.  I would like that too. :smiley:

I think it’s Fort St. John that skips it too.

The Peace River region stays on standard time as does Creston in the East Kootenays.

We’re so far north here, we shouldn’t have participated. I’m still going to work in the dark.

It’s still FRICKEN SNOWING HERE!  If the time changes, the snow should automatically stop too!!  Maybe Mr Bush should put that on his next agenda.

The Peace area is on Alberta time. Alberta changed too, so it’s still only an hour later there. Just Saskatchewan doesn’t use DST.

Oh my GOD, you’re SO right!!! 
Personally, I think that if we get a sunny day, “time” should fucking stop all together.