Day of Defeat problems

I was playing Day of Defeat and after a bit i tried to switch servers

When the sever loaded A message came up saying You game is out of date

press “Ok” to go the the valve website to get steam that will auto update your

game. I pressed ok and went to the website and clicked on download steam

once down load I went to the Steam file and followed all the instructions and

once all this was done ,the Steam said updateing Day of Defeat. Once the

loading was over it launched Day of Defeat and I click on a server. At first it

loaded normaly until it said something about downloading security modual.

I let it finish that and it went on loading then after that it all froze before

even it even finished loading.

I tried over and over agian and got the same thing over and over.

Has anyone eles had trouble with it, have you fixed it.?

And our computer is new XP Pentium 4 new.

Any help is good.

try deleting steam cache (in steams directory\steamapps\youremailhere)
see if that works (you’ll need to reinstall dod after)
also, don’t use a p4 ;p