Date is set for Liberal convention and the campaigning

BC Liberals hope that the month synonymous with love will bring them a little of it, as the Liberal party sets Saturday, February 26th, 2011 as the day that they will select a new leader for the party.

Along with a date may come new procedures as well, as the Liberals prepare to abandon the current method of balloting of one person, one vote to a weighted system. A procedural switch that Liberals hope may deter the prospect of instant Liberals from the Lower Mainland over running the voting booth to install the candidate who best accumulates the largest volume of newest members to the party.

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Dianne Watts may be the smartest politician in the province, who would want to take over the party with the mess its in right now?

the mess the Liberals are in hell NDP are going to implode they want a leadership vote to boot out Carole James curteousy of her old friend Moe Shihota

I kind of want to start the no bullshit party. Bring back government accountability you make an election promise you better damn well keep it. No corporate donations, if you donate to the ruling party you cannot bid on government contracts until the next election etc etc etc. You want to sell off a public asset then you bring it up as an election issue and let the people decide. Also raises for politicians must be an election issue.

Even Dianne Watts doesn’t want to get in to the mess Gordo and his associates have created, but would be nice if she becomes Premier instead of Carole James…

I say hang her and set a f****** example for politicians and parties in general.

No doubt Ms James has been a disappointment, but that seems a bit excessive.


No doubt Ms James has been a disappointment, but that seems a bit excessive.[/quote]

Agreed. I suspect that the NDP will have a new leader before the 2013 election. I predict Carole James will continue on as MLA (I wish her well in that role).

If we are going to hang anybody as an example, shouldn’t it be Gordon Campbell and some of his puppets?