Data services, Prince Rupert

This is so lame…I’m glad my cellular contract expires in June.
Come on already CityWest. :imp:

LOL, you have a thing against sunflowers do you? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL…no I have a thing against sub-standard service.  I want what every community in BC has…text, e-mail, web access…Prince Rupert is stuck in the 90s.
Wake up CityWest!!

Ah but the nineties were such a more sedate time. Less clutter on the celluar lines and no competition…

now the damn people want things like e mail data  and web access … where will it  all ever end  :imp:

Damn people?  WTF?  Where will it end?  With better service…I’m hoping.

Hey, when is rogers suppose to launch ? Any one know where the store front is going to be ?

It is slated to be starting this month.  I don’t know where the store front will be or if there will be one:-)

I will believe it when I see it…

You have a Source. They will hold the Rogers card. And if you have it, Wireless Wave.

Be ware rogers isn’t all its cracked up to be. I know, I am a customer.  Unfortunately for me they are the best of  the 3 here (Bell,Telus, Rogers).  I am a bell customer as well (for work) and they are horrid.

theyre all a rip off…

how bout we start using tin cans and strings?

It’s all about the Pay as you Go. 

Contracts suck. 

Go with Fido Pay-as-you-go, 7-11, PetroCanada, whatever.  Don’t pay insulting system access fees, and don’t sign stupid contracts.  Don’t pay for service you don’t use. 

Can you get data service with the pay as you go plans?

I know you can with the Fido, Virgin, and Rogers pay-as-you-go plans.

For the cel phone illiterate MiG how does this work? :smile: 
You would buy a cel phone then phone up Fido and activate through them?  Get a different sim card?  Will this work here in PR? 
I have much to learn about cel phones. :smile:

Quick google search and I found this: … e-plan.htm

Perhaps it will answer your question.

Thanks, Dave. :smile:

dudes rogers is coming for sure to rupert?? that is off the hook. straight up dope mad wild fun times for all invovled.

So what you’re saying is that you are happy for us?? :wink:

But seriously, when is Citywest expecting to get texting? Cause they said the end of September right?