Data Boy on the move

I see that one of the stores beside Teddy’s is soon to be the new home of Data Boy, which I guess means it will be less of a walk for the Mayor to come and visit next time vandals strike.

Matter of fact he could probably watch all the action from the comfort of his own offices… :wink:

Awww come on!!!
Is it an expectation for elected officials to pay a visit to every victim of crime?

what!!?? After all these years of Rob telling us he “owned” the building? Wouldnt that be like one of us owning our own home, but renting another one and living in that? I suppose its possible but the idea he has been bullshitting all this time seems a little more likely, if the old shop stays empty when they move out I suppose that will answer that, I wont go so far as to call bullshit quite yet but it does seem strange dont ya think, I suppose he could have sold the building if he actually owned it and is thus moving, but a close friend of his he had a falling out with a few years back told me back then that it was his mom who owned the building in actuallity, she had won a lottery and set him up there, lucky bastard. If my mom won a lottery I doubt I would ever see a dime of it, she’d give it all to the fucking church.

LOL, no doubt taking it from the swear jar to try and win you a reprieve at confession. :smiley:

You guys are dumb, there is a reason why he is changing locations, you just don’t know what it is cause you don’t have the inside scoop of the town.

You musta been creative shoppers…

at least they their still kicking, unlike that other computer store that probably didn’t even make enough to pay for their sign out side(across from tim hortons)

Good post chris…your calling a spade a spade here.  I have heard it from the mouth that he did infact own the building.
Makes me go hmmm…

Why do any of you care what someone else is doing with their business anyway?

My thoughts exactly.

Rob, whined like a little baby to his mommy because he had no job and just got out of school with hardly any knowledge about computers. However he had Good Al with him to help him start things up, Personally  when i was in the store rob was VERY un-educated with computers it was the other staff, so none the less mommy bought him a store ,so he would probably stop whining.

I remember him one day saying ill never go out of business not like Creative, my mommy has money and she will give me what i need.

This thread reeks of jealously.

hahha im just glad that loser who drove the souped up neon is out of business.
“no no no, what this town needs is another 2 bit computer store, I’ll be able to make it work… computers are the FUTURE!!!  Have you heard of this freakin INTERNET THING!!! ITS HUGE!!!”

ahahaa ahahahaahaha i hope you had to sell your blow off valve thingamajigger so you could buy a bus ticket outtaaaaa here.

atleast rob has staff that know  how a computer works not like the other not around anymore place! i busted them in so many lies its not even funny, the only cust’s they had were friends and people to stupid to know better. you guys should give rob a break, i know i know someone stood up to the good guy…wait a sec…were most people not trashing the mayor a few months back ok i get it you have someone new to pick on thats not old news! or is it that he did some of you favors? so now he’s a great guy. you people are fucking dumb! most of you will be bringing your comps into the same place your trashing with smiles on your face and a knife in your hand…or is it in rob’s back so i guess it can’t be in your hand can it. :imp:

Whoa when I started this thread, little did I know of the pot of petulance and resentment that I was about to put on boil…

All I said was I noticed the place was moving (and of course took the obligatory cheap shot at City Hall if for no other reason that it is now a next door neighbour :stuck_out_tongue:)

But whew, some real personal issues floating around with some of our htmfers, breathe folks, it’ll be good for you…

At any rate, personally I’ve never had a problem with the work that Data Boy do, found them helpful, competitive in price for the most part and not particularly hard to talk to and generally I have found what I was looking for on the odd occassion that I drop in.

But that could just be me I guess… :smiley: 

Agreed.  I’ve never had an issue with Rob or his helpful, excellent staff.  Could we maybe ease off a bit on the hate throttle here, folks? 
Just a thought. :smile:

mcsash started the hate-Rob-fest first.


Let’s squeeze him.  :smiley:

I’m with hitest BTW, I never had any trouble with Rob too. I used to work for him as a career prep student almost two years ago, and to be honest he and his staff (Kris, Al, and Justin at the time) are the best people to work with. No BS whatsoever.

Man, I never forget when Al gets attacked by Astrothug’s special friend almost everyday.  :smiley:

Lil Kimchi…I never started the hate post on Rob…I like Rob…I was just agreeing with Chris about Rob previously mentioning he owned the building.
Your blood noonle level is low…

Yes mcsash,

squeezing time…



:confused: what are you squeezing?

Remember mcsash is like an online stress ball?

Just squeeze him and his karma goes down by 5.

Is rupert really that boring that you are all profoundly interested when a store decides to move to a new location? 

If so I will be canceling my visit.