Darren Dutchyshen

On CTV tonight, they interviewed Alexandre Bilodeau and his family. Darren Dutchyshen burst in and popped a bottle of champange, forcing it on a non drinking family, on live TV. The Bilodeau family put on a brave face, but it was obvious they were really embarressed.

Seriously? lol
Canada wins its 1st gold on home soil and you feel the need to start a topic on a sports broadcaster bringing in a bottle of champagne to celebrate.
Looked like his brother was having the time of his life.

that was interesting hahaha…  being that I thought it was illegal to Open/and Consume alcohol on national television…  can someone inform me on that one hahahahaha.

They take little nips all the time even on the morning shows during cooking segments and of course, let’s not forget after the Super Bowl, Grey Cup, Stanley Cup etc.  Illegal, I dunno  :confused:

lol ya, I have no idea,this is why I am asking if anyone knowes. lol

can someone drop a link to the interview…i missed it