Dance classes

It pretty much depends on the length and the number of dance classes taken. A one hour, one class per week cost about $50 a month at Spectrum; that’s what I was paying last year. The more weekly classes you take the cheaper they get.  There are  quite a few kids who take 5, 6 or more classes a week.  The 6th class would cost them just about $8 a month.

What it works out to is that as a parent paying for only one class per week you are subsidizing those students who are taking more than one.

I am a former student of Dance Academy and I have a few good points that have not been mentioned.  Firstly, although Dance Academy is older, it is the only studio that has completely sprung wood floors, which are a million times better on the students joints than any other type of floor.  Secondly, I think Dance Academy makes dancing and performing a lifestyle rather than just a competition.  They have produced 3 Royal Academy of Dance teachers and currently have 2 or those teachers working for them.  As for the drop off/ pick up situation, with the doctors office closing and with the outrageous gas prices, people living closer to the studio may start walking to drop off, and wait for students inside the lounge instead of in the hall which would be a big help.  One thing that isn’t comparable is still the price, I don’t know how she does it!