Damn fires

any one know much about the fires in Terrace?

We sent a photographer to take pictures yesterday; we haven’t heard from her since…

last i heard people were being evacuated :exclamation:

my dad was tellin me that there was a fire at the grain elevator today

Ya, the terrace drags are cancelled must be pretty bad if they cancel something that is on an airport in the middle of a big field with no tree’s

Dude, it’s cancelled because firefighting aircraft require the services of the runway.

So… was reading some shit at work yesterday… 90 fires in the Babine/Smithers area. That’s insane.

yeah there were several fires. I managed to get a few pictures. hackingthemainframe.com/coppermi … =327&pos=3

ooh we saw the fires when we drove thru terrace it was crazee